Why Use A Blog Writing Service?

Because you know web content & frequent blogging is important for your website. Blogging establishes your company as an authority, it keeps clients coming back to your site and most importantly, blogging is a critical ranking factor for search engine optimization.

But, are you updating your blog every week?

Who Uses Our Article Writing Service?

Better. Cheaper. Faster.

Our blog writing service solves many problems. Unlike individual freelancers that can be inconsistent in terms of availability or quality, B Writing Services provides you with a large pool of talented writers - someone is always eager to write for you. In addition, you get to pick the best articles and reject the posts you don't like. Benefits:

  • Consistent flow of custom, high quality web content
  • We recruit & manage the writers
  • Much cheaper than independent freelancers
  • Much better quality than offshore freelancers
  • 100% original, copyscape checked content
  • Minimum 300 words per article
  • You get one post per week for $69mo
  • Buy additional posts for $15 each
  • All US-based writers
  • You pick keywords and topics
  • You pick the best articles and blog posts
  • You can reject submission or request edits
  • Writing starts off good and gets better as time (as our writers get to know you)

How does it work?

We have hundreds of loyal freelance writers in our network, from college students to stay-at-home moms and retired people. They read your instructions, study your website and write fresh blog posts & articles for you. You cherry pick the best ones.

Do we provide award winning blog articles? No. Are we as knowledgeable as the business owner on his or her business? Probably not. But our article writing service provides the best quality content at the lowest price you will find anywhere. Small & medium sized business do not have the time to create the content they need to succeed on the Internet. The best choice for article writing services.

Its So Easy

We Write

  1. We study your website
  2. Write a custom blog posts
  3. based on your profile Articles are written based on your keywords & instructions

You Pick

  1. Your account will have 2-3 posts to choose from each week.
  2. You can rate, reject or request edits.
  3. You rank and rate each post.

We Deliver

  1. Every Monday, we email you the top ranked blog post in your account.
  2. You copy and paste into your blog

Become a Writer

Searching for a freelance writer job? We are looking for great freelancer writers all the time. Our goal is to make B Writing Services the #1 network for freelance writing jobs. Work when you want to and only for the companies you like. This is the perfect job for retired people that have the experience and a passion and appreciate good writing. Also a great opportunity for stay at home Moms, college students or anyone with extra time and a passion for writing

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